Madagascar 3 – “Scary as Hell”

You’re 8-years old, you have finally managed to drag your parents to take you to the latest in the Madagascar instalment, where a surprisingly little amount of time is actually spent in Madagascar, you’ve got your popcorn and you sit back in the big seats and ready yourself for the main event. Then suddenly the Read More

Fast (and the Furious) Five review

The Fast and Furious series is as un-relentlessly ruthless as Saw is to creating sequels that hang together on a shoe string more frayed than the goat I fed to my 12m long Megalodon. Good fun never the less.

The Hangover Part II review

Hangover part II is not as good as the original; truth is, these sequels never are but for what it’s worth, let’s just enjoy the Thai Hangover.

The Last Airbender review

The Last Airbender is worse than a deep fried tampon, the plot is like an airplane crash with a surviving victim throwing his arms up in exultation before being slice and diced by a rogue propeller.

There Will be Blood review

Forget any social commentary that you might expect from a film all about oil, this is a monstrously beautiful character study of Daniel ‘the Plainview’ Day Lewis. The film is a series of tense events unfolding one after the other as the viewer realises the absolute loss of humanity one can suffer when doing anything Read More

Sex and the City 2 review

Is everyone on Flixter blind and deaf? Actually is everyone behind making this monstrousity of a ‘film’ blind and deaf? It’s a real shame to say (but not much of surprise) that there literally is not one positive thing to say about this, I could think of nicer things to say about Hitler. This film Read More

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