Dolphin Begs for Help, Swims Away

A dolphin tangled in fishing line sought help from a diver in the waters of Hawaii. The amazing encounter on January 11 was captured on video and the diver, Keller Laros, spent the better part of eight minutes tending to the needy mammal who readily accepted the help. Mr Laros was leading a group of Read More

Can Dolphins Commit Suicide?

Thanks to peacefulparadox from Some people say yes, and some people say no. There are some evidence to suggest that dolphins in captivity have been seen to commit suicide. Speculations as to how they commit is that they bang their heads against the walls of oceanariums. Another way is that it is said that Read More

Interview with Richard ‘The Cove’ O’Barry

Taken from Sure to be one of the most talked-about documentaries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Louie Psihoyos’s The Cove is part heist movie, part environmental exposé. The cove in question is a secluded and naturally fortified lagoon in the small Japanese town of Taiji, where every year for six months thousands of Read More