Who am I? Around here i’m the Perez Hilton without the gay, the Ryan Seacrest without the cheese, The Sun but i don’t have tits. I am the Dalester providing your prescription dose of “news” from the fantasy world that celebs like to call reality. Every Charlie Sheen crack party (you know he won’t be winning Read More


Dolphins love music. That’s a fact, probably. It’s hard to imagine Delphinus delphis cavorting about its merry, submersible business without some kind of soundtrack – the Benny Hill theme tune perhaps, or maybe something from Chucklevision. That’s where I come in.


I’m the team guy that faffs about films, games and other unimportant mysteries in life, as if being the 9th leg of an octopus, or a talon amputated hawk catching a fish out of water. My existence here is questionable but I’m here only for you, the one viewer who might’ve accidentally stumbled across this Read More