Whistle of the Week: Rag’N’Bone Man | Lay My Body Down

Fear not readers, I have heard your cries.

My inbox has been flooded with emails asking the same question “Where is the Whistle” so I have eventually succumbed to pressure and returned Jack’s whistle. Honestly how was I meant to know it was a 2012 Crufts limited edition. I will say this though, it had a mean toot on it.

Anyway all this whistle malarkey made me realize that I hadn’t done the whistle of the week for last week. I’ve effectively left you all hanging with your hands up for a high 5 and for that I’m sorry.

For this week I’ve chosen a track called Lay My Body Down by Rag ‘N’ Bone Man. I first heard of him through one of our music correspondents here at DolphinSuicide, Prew (with a first post 3 years in the making, you know it’s gonna be gold), and I can not rate this guy enough. From the UK his music is a combination of the past and the present with vocals coming straight out of the soul/blues era and rhythm and beats influenced by hip hop and rap.

All of which probably shouldn’t work on paper but like Danny Devito¬†and Arnold Schwarzenegger¬†in Twins by Jove does it!

*Slap* High 5 done.

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