Whistle of the Week – The Weeknd | Love in the Sky

Happy Valentines to all!

I hope yours was as successful as mine, I was inundated with a card (thanks Mum).

With it being valentines day and all we felt that it would only be right for this weeks “whistle” to be love themed as well.

Everyone has seen the pictures of dolphins in the shape of hearts or nuzzling each other and generally looking cute but what may shock you is that they are just the safe for work images, Dolphins are in fact seriously horny animals that love sex. We are not just talking vanilla sex either, they like to mix it up with interracial, aggressive, sometimes gay, even interspecies sex (just ask Malcom Brenner), so sorry Celine Dion but you ain’t featuring on this blog.

These facts left us little choice than to go with the man that could make “The Wheels On The Bus” sound like something that should come with an age restriction, The Weeknd. From Toronto, Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd, made his way onto the music scene with the release of 3 mix tapes back in 2011 and has been making love to peoples ears ever since. With a seemingly unstoppable number of slowed down, sexed up, R&B songs it’s no wonder the man features not once but twice on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

So grab your contraception or prepare to get pregnant, here is “Love in the Sky”.

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