Whistle of the Week

Whistle of the Week #1

We here at Dolphin Suicide are all avid music fans, whether it’s finding new and old bands, going to gigs, listening to remixes, mashups, even a healthy dose of “what-is-that-noise” we listen to it all!

I know what you are all thinking, “how do you find the time to post so frequently and listen to all this music”? Well not to give away any trade secrets but us writers have taken inspiration from our slippery friends and learnt how to sleep half our brain at a time, reducing the need to ever sleep!

With that mystery solved back to the point of all this; we now have double the amount of time to sift through the musical world and find the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats so each week we will be bringing you a choice highlight from our collections for you to enjoy, comment, like, dislike in our new feature called:

Whistle of the Week*

To open the proceedings our first track is by a man who died much too soon, Tim Buckley. While he didn’t find commercial success, he was a brilliant folk singer/writer with a great voice. It also so happens to be the only song I like with Dolphin in the title. Enjoy.

*you know, because dolphin song is made up of whistles and squawks and all that shit but “Squawk of the Week” didn’t sound great.

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