Deer and The Ultimate Roller Coaster

Oh Deer, Oh Dear!

Let’s face it, roller coasters are bloody scary! I don’t care what you say, behind the bravado everyone of us has that feeling of impending doom when you are strapped into a straight jacket, fixed to a moving¬†vehicle, before racing round a track that would raise the eyebrows of a even a hardened wall of death rider.

Now imagine combing that nightmare with a scene from saw! For riders on “The Ultimate” at Lightwater Valley theme park in North Yorkshire (I know right, who knew Yorkshire had come so far) that is exactly what happened.

A thrill seeking deer, stepped out on to the track as the speeding car (top speed:¬†82kmh) came round the bend, hitting and decapitated the animal, showering riders in so much blood they looked like extras from a Taratino movie; The one time you would be grateful you didn’t bother queuing for the front.

A representative for the park has said that extra security measures were being put in place, and along with extra fences warning announcements to “Keep inside the vehicle at all times” were being translated into Deer. Well I’m sure they said something similar but after leaving numerous voicemails trying to get my hand on the ride photo they are yet to get back to me….

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